VRM Parts & Whole

From IIW

Issue/Topic: VRM Parts and Holes

Monday – Session 5 - E

Convener: =DOC

Notes-taker(s): Markus Sabadello

A. Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered:

B. Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

  • ProjectVRM grew out of IIW
    • Individuals should be able to control relationships under their own terms
    • Concerned with interaction with commerce and government
  • User = Point of Integration
  • Change the marketplace where we as customers have more to contribute
  • CRM: 12$ billion business.
    • "Customers are creatures you hunt, seek, lock in, acquire, manage" = language of slavery used by the sellers of the world
  • CRM Magazine: "Customer does not belong to you."
    • Change happening in CRM business!
  • CRM is not gonna like VRM? VRM = reciprocal? No! Venn diagram, they are part of the same thing. Buyer and Seller both gain from it. Power to all parties.
  • Advice to CRM people: Learn from it, take advantage!
  • Projects: MyDex, Mine, Switchbook, Azigo, Kynetx, Banyan, etc..
  • EmanciPay: For circumstances where there is not already a price, is there a way where we can say "Here is what I would like to pay" ?
    • --> Web site owners can put RDFa code on websites that points to where you can be paid
  • Mechanism to determine prices on the fly
  • Empowers the consumer to say "I want to pay this for that"
  • Legal structure in place for VRM?No, but there is a lot of attention, e.g. in Kantara DataSharing group.
  • End of phase 1 of e-commerce! (Cookies, absurdly long terms of service, giving all the rights to the seller).
  • Can we have a casual relationship with vendors online? Like simply walking into a shoe store, without having to become a member etc.
  • European privacy laws more friendly than American ones
  • Foursquare TOS: If we're sold, your data will be one of our assets and also sold.
  • William explains situation in UK: Issues around ID-Cards, centralized health records, data theft.
  • UK government interested to move towards something like VRM. Times are right to propose a working community prototype where government agencies act as relying parties.
  • Iain gives example: "Tell us once" program by government. Works, but is run by a government site, not in a user centric way.
  • 2 important trends for VRM:
    • self tracking
    • personal informatics
  • Powers are becoming more equal, abilities are increasing.
  • Need code to move forward.
  • Need for figuring out the legal side.
  • VRM = extra money for sellers. potential additional customers that want to pay on their own terms.