WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? (Bring Me Research)

From IIW

What is your problem?

Thursday 5K

Convener: Chris Buchanan

Note Taker: Chris Buchanan

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

This session was created to collect potential research project ideas that would have an impact in the identity space. Some brought ideas that were not specifically identity but most were.

The projects that would be most likely to get funded would have the following properties:

1.Nobody other than MITRE (https://mitre.org) is better suited to do the work

2.Not in competition with a for-profit company

3.Easily transitioned to someone else for production and/or operational use

4.Research increments of one year or less

Below is a list of people who participated and the ideas they proposed:

Name Idea
John Philpin Battery based home power system for Puerto Rico
Peter Simpson Portable retinal scanner for patient ID
Table Discussion Private key recovery
Sam Weiler Permissionless Delegation under FIDO2
Sam Smith FIPS certification of Libsodium encryption library
Sam Smith Key Recovery process (non-multiparty interactive)
Sam Smith Key rotation using prerotation which prevents inherited compromise
Sam Smith Build a library that supports decentralized autonomic data for data streaming applications.
Sam Smith Advanced crypto into open source software. Libraires that would include things like collective signatures and blinded signatures.
Adrian Gropper Security analysis of the self-sovereign medical record technology stack (Harvey Reed)
Michael Boyd Self-Sovereign education for understanding how it’s good for you.

Additional people left a business card indicating that they should be contacted later.

The intention is to ask the community to endorse their favorite ideas and allow Chris to carry those endorsements forward into the competition phase.

For anyone who missed it, you can send your topic to Chris Buchanan (cjb@mitre.org).