What Next for IIW?

From IIW

What’s Next for IIW

Thursday 5F

Convener: Doc Searls

Notes-taker(s): Kaliya H

Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered:

  1. IIW #Identity #InternetIdentityWorkshop

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Attendance grew since IIW20 when it was at a low of 135 and we could grow by 40-60 people. We talked about ideas for outreach and spreading the word.

Be Supportive of more Local Connection between events

  • IIDinners -> leading into IIW thinking about topics for IIW
  • They can be an opportunity to connect with other related niches
    • Privacy
    • Privacy Lawyers
    • Security
    • IoT
    • AdTech
    • AdBlocking
    • Blockchain

GamesNight? - the women in Seattle already do this

Identity Conference Evangelism, word of mouth -> people invite new people

  • ´ Ping
  • ´ Forge Rock
  • ´ Gartner IAM
  • ´ DIDW2?

Developer Events * API Days - have an ID track OR RESTfest

Indiewebify.net / Ben – Known & Kevin Marks

Meetup Groups we could reach out to. LinkedIn Groups focused on IAM and maybe blogging there. Pods/Groups coming from other countries together Japanese organizes by framing it as a IdM specialist study trip to silicon valley What could make this more compelling visiting companies on Friday/Monday Survey - leading questions

Host a monthly Twitter Chat? (idea since the event that Kaliya had) Here is an example of how they work/mechanics from ChangeMakers https://www.changemakers.com/blog/fabricofchange-twitter-chat

Explaining better what happens and what goes on at IIW.

  • The topic is so broad some people "should be here" but don't know
  • Who is at IIW - High level thinkers who are visionary.
  • Why are they here? They Love the unconference format and the Dynamic it brings.
  • Create a WordCloud from the Book of Proceedings.

As topics come in can we curate them?

  • MindMap Past and current events
  • Who people are like "speakers" presented
  • Use a Panel Picker Like tool to input ideas for sessions

Ideas to broaden participation

  • Fellowship Program from sponsors for attendees.

Cousin Events

  • European Workshop for Trust and Identity (Austria/Europe)
  • Identity North (Canada)
  • AustralAsia???

Social Event around IIW Pre/Post

  • Women's Spa Day? (Kaliya has thought of this on the weekend before or after)

Consider Pre-event with "speakers"