White Boards Are People Too

From IIW

Session Topic: Whiteboards Are People Too

Wednesday 2G

Convener: Sam Curren

Notes-taker(s): Sam Curren, Alan Karp

Notes from Sam:

Whiteboards are People too.

Personal Clouds are for more then just people. Physical things and even non- physical organizations or social constructs can use them too.

Web 2.0 apps are built as central systems to track things.

Using Persistent Compute Objects (PiCOs) allows a programming model that focuses app development on the individual thing, and not a system to track classes of things.

Channels between PiCOs and other Personal Clouds allow for communication.

Multiple apps can cooperate to create the desired behavior.

Event naming will be a problem as this gets popular, and that's a problem we would love to have.

Defining the outer interface of PiCOs will allow them to connect and communicate with other Personal Clouds of different types.

This programming model can scale to trillions of things, and also to the thousands of _my_ things.

(Whiteboard also submitted)

Notes from Alan:

Whiteboards can have personal clouds internet of things use PICO for each.

PICO – persistent compute objects

PICO for IIW has channel to each room’s whiteboard PICO

Whiteboard has on electronics, its PICO runs elsewhere PICO is execution context with Apps Lots of discussion

  • scalable management
  • setting policy
  • initiate connectivity
  • session square tag vs. room square tag
  • access control – channel vs. pub/sub